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We Serve Great Food With Culture

Our Mission

Since 2006, MoCA’s passion has been to serve the community great Asian-inspired dishes and the story behind them. We could never achieve the progress that we have made today without the shared passion of our beloved neighbors and our dedicated staff. You have MoCA’s unlimited devotion in turn.  

Everyone at MoCA is committed to the core values that allow us to grow and gather more happy faces around MoCA’s dining tables and bar counters: 


We welcome new staff to the MoCA Group when they inspire us not only with their skills, but also passion for Asian cuisine and MoCA’s mission. This ensures our customers have a consistently great experience of both food and service. 


We strive for a taste that you cannot get from anywhere else. Many dishes in our menus have been perfected over more than a decade, and at the same time our menus are constantly updated with new stories to tell that are written in taste, through fine, original cuisine.

Cultural Heritage

We serve not only fine Asian food but also cultural heritage that has been passed down for thousands of years. Our chefs cherish many original recipes as an inheritance, which includes tastes they have known since childhood, and share with MoCA guests as hosts to friends at home. 


We strive to be energy and waste efficient. We believe in contributing to a more sustainable planet on behalf of our future employees and customers by using recyclable food containers and dinnerware, as well as energy-saving appliances and low-waste food prep techniques. 


As a Long Island City tenant since 2006, we have built lasting friendships with our neighbors. We are forever grateful to the community that encouraged us to grow from the beginning, and feel unlimited capacity for new friendships and deeper roots. 

Food Safety
No matter how much fun you’re having–and we are too–safety is at the foundation of everything we serve and everything we do. Protocols and training ensure that safety is core to our operations, and this is how we were able to quickly adapt to the pandemic. Care in hygiene is the number one response to the pandemic in the first place, and that has always been our fundamental priority from the beginning, along with ensuring the appropriate freshness and preservation of all ingredients.

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