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MoCA Asian Bistro

MoCA Asian Bistro is MoCA Group’s founding concept, delighting an ever-expanding clientele with the culinary styles and cultures of Japan, China, Thailand, Southeast Asia, and South Korea.

The first MoCA Asian Bistro restaurant was opened in Hewlett, Long Island, in 2006. It grew quickly, leading to a sibling in Forest Hills, Queens, in 2007. A location in Woodbury, Long Island, followed in 2012, and a fourth is opening for Westbury, Long Island, which will take up a 10,000 square foot space in 2022.

The ambiance of these restaurants may be described as warm, elegant, romantic, and modern, generously and tastefully ornamented by artworks and aesthetic motifs from Asian cultures.

Each location features a large sushi bar and full-service cocktail bar, as well as a number of private and semi-private VIP rooms equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment and suitable for large, medium, and small banquets.

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