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Mother’s Day Gift Card Special!
Order between May 1 & May 8 and we’ll add 10% on top!

MoCA Asian Bistro

May 6, 2022

Make every day Mother’s Day @ MoCA

It's a big day for each and every one of us; It's the big day for the one and only person who gave birth to our lives and raised us well. As Mother's Day comes closer, we decorate our houses and send out gifts to all moms.

Flowers, balloons, glitters, and anything we can think of to make the day perfect is set up. We are excited to see every loving family walking in with a cheerful smile. To eternalize that merry moment, we prepared instant photo service and a photo booth spot.

For every mother who walked in, we also have roses. A flower is not enough to express appreciation, but we want every mother to live beautifully and fully, like a rose. And, of course, we give discounts! Come to MoCA between May 1 to May 8, and we will grant 10% off on your meal!

The gratefulness and love should not stay for one day but forever. You can always check back on MoCA and see what we offer to gift your loved mother another amazing dinner. Remember, make every day Mother's day at MoCA.

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