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MoCA Group brings a new R&D Center to Westbury, New York

MoCA Center

Jul 11, 2022

Moca Group opens a new R&D Center-MoCA Center to ensure the continuity, integrity, organization, and disciplined development of the institutional knowledge that MoCA has accumulated since 2006.

“Once you try Asian food, your traditional cuisine will never taste the same again.” Asian restaurants have become a trend all over the world. As an important part of the Asian culture, the ​​culinary traditions of Asia are remarkably dynamic and diverse.Not only is Asian cuisine often considered healthy, they are also attracting an increasing population with its rich, tasty, and innovative flavors.

Moca group was founded by Johnson Chen in 2006 with the establishment of the first MoCA Asian Bistro-now a restaurant chain serving New Yorkers fine Asian cuisine. In over 16 years of operations, the company has grown organically from one to eight locations by innovating and perfecting an extensive repertoire of popular dishes. The recipes are derived from and inspired by the traditions of Asia’s most popular culinary hotspots, evolving over the years while consistently ensuring the success of each new establishment under the Moca brand.

With the new establishment of the R&D Center, new product research and development will be secured further, reaching a higher efficiency and quality. Under the lead of CIA professionals, MoCA team work to infuse dishes with signature originality, cultural heritage, high nutritional value, and fabulous taste to develop original menus unique to MoCA.

Occupying 26, 000 square feet, MoCA Center will meanwhile support existing product optimization and data compilation, logistics, warehousing, staff training, and general portfolio operations. It also operates a central kitchen that can supply all restaurants in the portfolio with standardized pre-processing as well as direct catering up to the highest standards and requirements.

Without a doubt, MoCA Center’s opening is taking the robust development of Moca Group to a next level.

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