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MoCA Asian Bistro Joins Restaurant Week With New Executive Chef

MoCA Asian Bistro

Jan 17, 2023

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with MoCA Asian Bistro's return to NYC Restaurant Week!

This semi-annual celebration of the city's renowned dining scene is the perfect opportunity to experience something new. And this year, we're excited to introduce our new Executive Chef, Jeff Lee. With a wealth of experience as a five-star Chef de Cuisine in various international locations, including New York City, Chef Lee brings a lifetime of expertise in Asian cuisine to the table.

Our Restaurant Week prix-fixe menu includes customer favorites from our extensive repertoire of dishes, along with a new appetizer option from Chef Lee: a choice of tuna or salmon Tartare. This is your chance to see what our new Executive Chef can do, or try our long-time appetizer favorites like the Lobster Taco and Sushi Pizza.

MoCA’s Restaurant Week prix-fixe set includes customer favorites based on recipes developed over the course of sixteen years in business. These dishes are served at three locations in the New York Metropolitan area, with more locations set to open soon!

Entrees include Thai Crispy Chicken, Thai Sea Bass with Prawns, Mongolian Skillet with a choice of Chicken, Beef, or Shrimp, and General Tso's Chicken or Shrimp. Our culinary traditions are influenced by Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Malaysian recipes and techniques. And for dessert, we're offering something special with European and American roots: Ice Cream with an Asian twist, Oreo Tempura, and Chocolate Mousse.

All of this is available at a fantastic Restaurant Week deal of $45. And if you're stopping by without a reservation, enjoy a fantastic cocktail at the bar while we prepare your table! We are now accepting reservations, so use this special price to try something new or enjoy your favorites at MoCA Asian Bistro. Don't miss out!

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