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In the spirit of the occasion, showcasing chef’s choice and customer favorites in set courses

MoCA Asian Bistro

Jul 18, 2022

In the spirit of the occasion, showcasing chef’s choice and customer favorites in set courses

NYC Restaurant Week is a semiannual program that has been celebrating New York City’s world-famous dining scene since 1992. Participating restaurants citywide offer menus at a special price for lunch and/or dinner, inspiring diners to try something, and someplace, new!

After our successful debut participation at the beginning of the year, MoCA Asian Bistro has signed up again at its Forest Hills location, offering a set of selected signature dishes for lunch and dinner.

This year, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the tradition, the “Week” will actually last 30 days, from July 18 to August 21. Hundreds of participating restaurants in the city join the celebration by preparing prix-fixe menus especially for the occasion. MoCA’s lunch and dinner sets are created from an extensive repertoire of dishes we’ve developed over the past sixteen years as we’ve grown from one to three locations in the New York Metropolitan area, and more locations due to open soon!

This year, we’re combining some customer favorites with a sampling our chefs are excited to share as potential new favorites. This is the time to try! MoCA’s wellspring of culinary traditions draws from Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Malaysian recipes and techniques.

Our lunch and dinner sets for Restaurant Week include miso soup and green salad with delectable choices in three courses. Appetizers hail from Japan, Thailand, and China. The lunch courses are Japanese cool and fresh from the sushi bar… and the ocean! The dinner course adds savory options from China and Japan, along with our chef’s pan-asian inspired Creamy Seafood. Desserts have decidedly European and American roots… “Oreo,” “souffle,” “tiramisu, ” with an Asian twist you’ll recognize immediately. At $30 and $45, respectively, it’s a real Restaurant Week deal, so if you’re stopping by without a reservation, please enjoy a fabulous cocktail at the bar while we prepare your table!

We’re ready to take your reservation now! Take advantage of the celebratory special prices and try something new or enjoy your favorites at MoCA Asian Bistro!

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