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Celebrate Christmas with Special Drinks and Half-priced Cocktails at MoCA Asian Bistro

MoCA Asian Bistro

Dec 18, 2023

10-day Rotation of Half-priced Cocktails and Christmas-themed Drinks Await

MoCA Asian Bistro is spreading holiday cheer with a festive Winter cocktail collection and a 10-day Holiday Cocktail Carnival event, featuring a daily rotation of half-priced cocktails.

Holiday Cocktail Carnival

Starting on December 23rd and running until January 1st, enjoy different half-priced cocktails every day.  From timeless classics to innovative creations, MoCA’s diverse offerings ensure there's a drink for everyone's palate at only half the regular price throughout the holiday season. 

Mark your calendars and indulge in the following daily delights:

Dec. 23rd: French Martini

Dec. 24th: Pina Colada

Dec. 25th: Cosmopolitan

Dec. 26th: Sake-tini

Dec. 27th: Long Island Ice Tea

Dec. 28th: Lemon Drop

Dec. 29th: Margarita

Dec. 30th: MoCA-tini

Dec. 31st: Pink Dragon

Jan. 1st: Apple Martini

The Cocktail Carnival is a limited-time experience, so be sure to visit MoCA Asian Bistro and join in the celebration before it concludes.

Winter Wonderland Drinks

In addition to the Cocktail Carnival, MoCA presents a brand-new collection of Winter Cocktails to add a touch of magic to your holiday celebrations. Available starting December 18th, meet The Grinch, Christmas Mojito, and Chocolate Martini. These holiday-inspired drinks are available throughout the season, allowing you to savor the festive flavors at your leisure.

Yan, the representative of MoCA Asian Bistro, expresses excitement about the holiday season: "We are more than excited to celebrate the holiday season with our patrons. We hope our latest festive drinks and special-priced cocktails will make everyone’s celebration truly special." 

To reserve and learn more about MoCA Asian Bistro, please visit the official website.

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