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Biggest Nights of the MoCA Year Include Fourth of July

MoCA Asian Bistro

Jul 7, 2022

Making it a party in gratitude to customers and country

New York, July 4, 2022 - MoCA Asian Bistro celebrated July 4 at each of its locations as an occasion for gratitude to its customers, and in particular to the country that made it possible for MoCA’s immigrant founder, Johnson Chen, to succeed by starting with little more than a love for great food and hospitality.

MoCA’s wizard mixologists got extra creative with festive red, white, and blue cocktails, and DJ Mae Rose made it a party with the latest jams in the remix of pop music at the Forest Hills location.

“The Fourth of July is an especially cherished celebration for me,” said MoCA founder and president, Johnson Chen. “Because it is a time not only to appreciate the country where you can make your dreams come true but also to remember that this freedom was won by people who stood together and fought for it.”

Chen was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2012. The Medal is presented annually to those who have shown an outstanding commitment to serving the nation either professionally, culturally, or civically, among other criteria.

As a way to give back to our customers, MoCA offered a special added value gift-card during the Fourth of July week.

MoCA gift cards can be used at any MoCA restaurant anytime and without expiration. Gift cards can be freely given to friends, family, and colleagues–anyone who deserves a special meal or night out!

As the night progressed, the music inspired more and more guests to get up and dance. We won’t wait for the next Fourth of July to party again!

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